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Оригинал взят у [ profile] marinni в Старинные изразцовые печки. 15-19 век.

Красотища какая!
Старинные изразцовые печи. 15-19 век.

Kinsky Palace, Vienna, Austria.1740

Lorenzo Quaglio (1793–1869): Interieur im Schloss Tratzberg

Самые старые печи, которые удалось найти в музеях- 1450 года, но это уже сложные конструкции и великолепные по исполнению изразцы.

-------------Разноцветные изразцы-------

ca. 1450 (made)
Ravensburg (made)

By the 15th century these stoves were replaced by others with walls built entirely of inter-connecting ceramic tiles. Earlier examples, such as this one, used niche-type tiles, but by the 16th century most stoves were constructed from rectangular panel-type tiles.


A tiled stove; Gdańsk; Poland
This is the highest renaissance tiled stove in Europe (from 1545)


Tiled stove, 1577-1578, Germany. Museum no. 498-1868.

Tiled Stove
Dated 1577 and 1578
Hans Kraut (died about 1590)

Tiled stove, 1577-1578, Germany. Museum no. 498-1868.

Tiled Stove
Dated 1577 and 1578
Hans Kraut (died about 1590)

16th century (made)


Tiled stove in the Golden Room of fortress Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, Upper Austria


Ceramic tiled stove (1502), late Gothic Hohensalzburg Castle
Hohensalzburg Castle, Salzburg, Austria


C.1560 Tiled Stove
It originates from either Germany or Central Europe


Kachelofen Veste Coburg


Tiled stove in fortress Hohensalzburg, Salzburg, Upper Austria


Tiled stove
At the Kyburg

Ceramic tile stove from Winterthur.

Winterthur stove
17th century.

----------------18-19- век----------

Swiss tile stove - Toledo Museum of Art
The Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio.

This ceramic tile stove of 1875 to 1900 sits in a corner of the room
from Villa Solitude. It is built in the style of Swiss originals of the 1500s.

Tiled stove 1680s


heidelberg castle, germany


---------------Реконструкция-16 век----

A reconstructed mid-16th century Renaissance tile stove in a restored Renaissance audience chamber devised by Gintautas Rackevičius of the Castle Research Center "Lietuvos pilys"


Royal Bohemian Chancery ( Old Royal Palace, Prague castle ). Tiled stove ( 17th century )

Kachelofen, c.1775, Schloss Hohenaschau, Upper Bavaria

Kachelofen grün / tiled stove


Cochem Castle - Stove


Traditional Austrian Heating Stove

Innsbruck : Volkskunstmuseum

Detail from Traditional Austrian Heating Stove


Tiled stove in the former study of Petras Vileišis in the palace of the Vileišis family

Tegelkachel - inclusief houtvoorraad


Mansion in Bohunice



Old tiled stove
Feldkirch, Palais Liechtenstein


Vileishis Palace7a.JPG
tiled stove in the palace of the Vileišis family (now Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore) on the second floor




Stove in the Daun-Kinsky Palace (around 1740).
Kinsky Palace, Vienna, Austria


Old ceramic heater
Inside Bruneck castle




The big ceramic thing on the left side is a heater



Braşov, Bran Castle.

Strasbourg, France

Jan Długosz House in Sandomierz Sandomierz, Poland. Diocesan museum. Piec gdański, połowa XVIII w.

-------------Kadriorg Art Museum, Tallinn------------

Kadriorg Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

Kadriorg Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

Kadriorg Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

----------- Большой Екатерининский дворец------

Пушкин. Большой Екатерининский дворец

The Portrait Hall


Ceramic Tiled Stoves for heating The Great Hall

"The Green Pilaster Room"

Blue tiled corner stove

stove in Catherine-palace in Pushkin


Stove in the Augustusburg Palace, Bruehl (ca. 1750).
Augustusburg Palace, Bruehl, Germany

----------------Pils Rundāle-Латвия--------------

Tiled Stove and Secret Door


Rundale Pilsrundale Kachelofen. Латвия

---------------Королевские резиденции---------
----------------- Швеция----------------

Из журнала френда
[ profile] wprilepski - специалиста по печам:

Из музея печей ве Фелтене.
где-то 1760 год



Angelika Kauffmann-Museum in Schwarzenberg im Bregenzerwald

A ceramic wood-fired heater used to dry clothes in an Alsatian house.
Strasbourg, France

Ukrainian Heritage Room tile stove
The stove tiles depict festival practices and daily life.

Еще есть разные типы печек, очень интересные в виде колонн:

-----------------В виде колонн------------------
-----------------Kakelugn - Tiled Stove---------------

Kakelugn - Tiled Stove
An 1880s neo-renaissance kakelugn (tiled stove - a form of antique storage heater!), Mullhyttan, Närke, Sweden

Top of tile stove

Я их покажу позже отдельным постом.


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